Thursday, July 23, 2015

Unspoken Unseen

Cat Watch
Is it better to be seen 
and not heard 
Or heard and not seen 
I mean, one has the advantage 
Of beauty in silence 
The other 
Of speaking
with nary a look of disdain 
by others who just like to complain.

Contrary, you say when I’m not 

It’s a fact, 
nothing more, nothing less 
Not even my best 
So, I say or I won’t 
What’s the difference 
Who knows if it’s me You don’t see 
In the end, who knows 
If I speak to the wind 
I’ll blend in with the trees 
And sway this way and that 
Just as I please

Friday, July 3, 2015

The Sayings of Purzil Crofe

Clock, n. A machine invented by man to tell how little time remains.

Purzil Crofe

The Sayings of Purzil Crofe

A busy man complained one day, “I have no time.” 

“What’s that you say?” cried his friend a lazy fizz. 
“You have, sir, all the time there is. 
And plenty too, don’t doubt you do.
Nothing more, nothing less.

Now, Merry sir, won’t you tarry? 
Have a glass with me of sherry.
What’s a moment, more or less.” 

To this the busy man replied, 
“If I die and go to hell, 
How shall I pay the devil’s due?” 

“Alas, sir, I know only this,
Fain is the young man to waste his time, 
A man is old and little time remains 
He dies and loses both time and wealth.”

So says Purzil Crofe, from the Devil's Dictionary, more or less