Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh no she didn't!: Oprah advises Views to tip less

I worked last night. I am a waitress at Paisano's Italian Eatery in Lawrence, KS. I am a purveyor of spaghetti, for the layman a waitress. Let me tell you folks, serving tables is not easy! It is dirty, messy, grueling, and the pay is unpredictable. I am paid 2.13 per hr. I survive on tips, which I earn but running the fifth basket of breadsticks to tables all with a smile.

As in anything you have good days and bad days. Last night was not a good one. No matter how much charm I slathered on it seemed I couldn't break a 10% tip. I then was made aware of a nasty rumor flying around the hospitality industry about Queen Oprah.

The first whispers I heard about lady O came from the cooks in the kitchen. Everyone knows cooks are horrible gossips and prone to exaggeration and conspiracy theories. I was waiting in the kitchen, looking at a dismal excuse for a tip a table of four, fat, happy customers left for me. One of the cooks leans over and whispered, "You know this is all Oprah's fault." I rolled my eyes and gave him a look that invited further explanation. Chris, the cook, went on to tell me about how Oprah had encouraged her viewers to continue dining out during the current recession but in order to cut costs they should tip less.

I was skeptical of Chris' claim to say the very least. Oprah would never turn her legions of worshipers against poor servers, the majority of whom are trying to put themselves through some form of schooling in order to better their lives. To my dismay Chris was correct, Oprah has in fact ordered a jihad on the service industry everywhere!

What are your thoughts? Here is some feedback found on the Oprah Website.

much love, First Born


  1. Here is O's Guide to Tipping.

  2. Waitress of the World unite!

    Rise up and post your comments on O's blog as this angry waitress did.