Friday, January 6, 2012

Bah Humbug

Everything will change, ...if not today, then tomorrow, ...if not tomorrow, then the day after that.

"Bah Humbug",  said Ebenezzer Scrooge. Christmas is just another day for picking the pockets of employers and getting another day off without any work.

I keep thinking that everyone else is going to "get it". By that I mean each and everyone of them, you know who they are, will wake up Christmas morning and understand that life is beautiful and meant to be enjoyed. Yet, Christmas never comes. Everyone around me continues to look at the world personally. What is in it for me?

I have decided, finally, that the world is not going to change for me, that the one who needs to do the waking up is me.

Merry Christmas everyone, it's a beautiful world.


  1. It is a beautiful world. I am reminded of this every time I am with my grand kids. Their innocents and unconditional love reminds me there is hope for the future. I started to question my youngest grandchild's sense of good and bad when she stated she did not like Santa and did not want him coming to her house on Christmas Eve. She again showed her dislike for him when my daughter wanted to wear a Christmas shirt with Santa on it and she made her take it off. She made no bones about her feeling for the man who makes most kids giggle with delight. It wasn't until we were watching her favorite movie, Shrek 3 that we understood why she hated Santa. There is a scene were Gingee is at a drive in theater with his hand around his gingerbread girlfriend, when Santa appears behind them as a monster and grabs Gingee's girlfriend and bites her head off. Yikes, I would not like him either.....but good wins over evil every time and Christmas and Santa came to MaKenzie's house leaving toys and a stocking full of goodies. Makenzie is now looking forward to Christmas and Santa next year.

  2. There is more common sense in the mind of one small child than in an auditorium of adults. Children, fortunately, see the world as it should be - evil is bad, goodness should triumph.

    "Common sense ain't so common," to quote Will Rogers, and commonly virtues are the best.