Friday, December 23, 2016

Cordelia Redux

The burden of knowledge my daughter says, is upon the writer and not the reader. Sometimes the burden is described as follows: "As we accumulate more knowledge, more knowledge must be known before new contributors can contribute." Here is it is simply that the reader must know who Cordelia is to appreciate the words.

So I explain...

The youngest and favorite daughter of King Lear is Cordelia, who struggles to find kind words to say about her father. William Shakespeare made a play out of it, which is correctly called a tragedy. Its first known performance was on St. Stephen's Day, December 26th, in 1606.

Cordelia Redux 

My lord and father, 
I am the last to speak, with the least to say 
Sad am I, I cannot heave 
My heart into my mouth, I love your majesty 
I love my father more, according to my bond, 
Not more nor less, I confess
Like any good daughter, I would love and be silent 
Leave me to my duty, I have no need to boast 
That the truth is so untender 
To obey and love and honor 
And nothing can I add

Dear Dad,
Okay, It is sad, but
Every daughter does what she should do
Nothing more nor less need be said
To obey and love and honor is the past
The truth is
I have no time to stay
I need the keys, the car, some cash
I’ve got to dash
Cordelia, a painting by William Frederick Yeames

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