Sunday, May 11, 2014

No time for Facebook

Pole Cat Creek Bridge, Butler County, Kansas, built 1910

No time for Facebook


I have no time
For Facebook
If you don’t mind
Look me up
In a telephone book
If they still exist.

Better yet,
Come on by the house
I am sitting on the porch
Sharing a thought with Horace
From a book I bought
Long ago

He says,

Carpe Diem

Be wise,
Sip the wine
Its mighty fine
Since life is brief,

Of the past,
It’s gone
Good riddance

Of the future,
Ask not - we cannot know
What the gods are thinking
As we’re drinking

Prune back those far-reaching hopes
For even as we speak,
Time has passed
Nothing lasts

So pluck the day,
It’s all you’ve got
Forget about tomorrow!

Horace, Odes 1.11

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