Thursday, April 4, 2013


"Less is more," the old man says way too much.

In this post modern world of instantaneous everything, there is not time enough to process it all. Consider, Google is processing 100 billion searches per month, and that number is only going up as more goes online. As necessity is the mother of invention, Summly is born. Consider, I google search this newest iphone ap "Summly" and get almost 4 million hits.

Wow, an iPhone app that uses an algorithm to extract key sentences and concepts, creating bullet points for you to read instead of the entire article! It is a kind of Cliff Notes for the computer age. The brilliant creator of this ap is Nick D'Aloisio, a 16-year-old who observes:
There's so much stuff on the web. Search engines are fine, but I wanted to make an intermediate layer between them and the final reading. So, you can see if you want the page first. That's useful for smartphones -- you can wait ages for a page to load and then not want it.
Nicely said Nick, but a little wordy. Still, the ap must be good, for Yahoo just paid Nick 30 million dollars for the ap. 

So, the old man wonders how Summily would work on this article:

1. Less is more.
2. Nick D cuts to the chase with Summly.
3. Ap math gets to the point.
4. Yahoo pays Nick 30 mil.
5. Nick doesn't need to go to school anymore.

Maybe, the old man can take a lesson, and summly all his posts.

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