Saturday, May 26, 2012


The Cranky Old Man asked his young daughter what she thought of the post Reality Distortion Fields (last post). She told the Old Man that, in actual truth, she didn't get it. Such honesty. The Old Man then brought up the subject with his teenage son. He phased out and left the room without answering.  So, the Old Man thought - Was the Star Trek reference that off-putting, or is reality really only one person's point of view? Reality to the young daughter - she has graduated from college and has her first real job. That's a lot to handle. The young son is off to college this fall. That's really cool.

The Old Man understands that Star Trek is a bit nerdy. And the young daughter doesn't want to join the nerd group. The young son, as all sons do, wants to chart his own course in life. Maybe, that is it. Or just maybe it is really hard to see life from any point of view other than your own.

Really. Take the word really, we use the word to death, but we do so, to express how I see it; and you should see it that way too. The online dictionary defines really as, "In actual truth or fact." The difficulty is what is actually true? What is a fact? On those two points we all have a point of view; and who is to decide who is right and who is wrong?

The daughter has a good point. Reality distortion fields are really confusing.

All this leads the Old Man to Is That All There Is?", a song written by American songwriting team of Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller during the 1960s. It became a big hit for Peggy Lee in 1969. Now the Old Man is dating himself, something he doesn't like to do. Bette Midler remade the song later. if that helps.

The lyrics take us through several events in a girls life which all end tragically. If you will remember from the last post, life can really suck. The repeating refrain from the chorus goes like this:
Is that all there is, is that all there is
If that's all there is my friends, then let's keep dancing
Let's break out the booze and have a ball
If that's all there is
Really, I am not trying to confuse the kids. They just can't see an Old Man's point of view. Really. So, Peggy Lee has got it right. Quit worrying about distortion fields, tragedy and enjoy life. Have a ball, but keep the boozing down kids.

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