Tuesday, May 18, 2010


My mother told me when I was young, "Never talk about religion, politics, or sex with other people. It only makes them mad to hear you if they don't agree with what you say." Sorry mom.

Anglicans in Los Angeles, California consecrated Mary Glaspool on 15 May as an assistant bishop. Some church members state that she is openly lesbian and so not fit to be a church leader, or that the time is not right since the Anglican faith as a whole is not ready.A friend of mine states that her open views on sexuality are not in keeping with the Bible. Another friend notes that the Bible, in fact, condemns such practices.

Jesus says, "I give you a new commandment: Love one another as I have loved you" (John 13:34). Love and tolerance are inseparable. But, why is it that we can neither love nor tolerate those who are different from ourselves? Observe that we do not have to agree or accept that other views are for us or are right, we simply need to love and tolerate others. It is a simple idea expressed 2000 years ago, and still more often acted out in the negative, than the positive.

For those who feel that lesbianism is inconsistent with the Bible's teaching, I note that the teachings of Christ are inconsistent with the Old Testament. On this very point, Christ said that he was bringing forth a new law, one of compassion and understanding for our fellow men and women. To the kids I say, "Duh, its not called 'New' Testament for nothin'". For the older set who feel that the Anglican congregation in California is breaking with tradition, well, so did Christ. A congregation is just that, a group of like minded men and women gathering together to worship God.And so if one doesn't like the minister at one church, then do as so many others do, find a congregation and church in which you are comfortable.

Christianity is after all a universal religion. So, to Mary Glaspol, I say welcome to the community of Christ.

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